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Cable & Blake Lampshades, produced with Herdwick fabric, made to order in our Cable & Blake shop, in Kendal, Lake District.

Choose your size , colour and inner

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Please allow 2 weeks to order

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70-x-26-cm, grey, 70-x-26-cm, orange, 70-x-26-cm, pink, 70-x-26-cm, purple, 70-x-26-cm, red, 70-x-26-cm, turquoise, 70-x-26-cm, Yellow-Green, 70-x-26-cm, bluebell, 70-x-26-cm, green, 25-x-21-cm, Yellow- Green, 25-x-21-cm, bluebell, 25-x-21-cm, green, 25-x-21-cm, grey, 25-x-21-cm, orange, 25-x-21-cm, pink, 25-x-21-cm, purple, 25-x-21-cm, red, 25-x-21-cm, turquoise, 25-x-28-cm, Yellow-Green, 25-x-28-cm, bluebell, 25-x-28-cm, green, 25-x-28-cm, grey, 25-x-28-cm, orange, 25-x-28-cm, pink, 25-x-28-cm, purple, 25-x-28-cm, red, 25-x-28-cm, turquoise, 30-x-21-cm, Yellow-Green, 30-x-21-cm, bluebell, 30-x-21-cm, green, 30-x-21-cm, grey, 30-x-21-cm, orange, 30-x-21-cm, pink, 30-x-21-cm, purple, 30-x-21-cm, red, 30-x-21-cm, turquoise, 35-x-21-cm, blue, 35-x-21-cm, bluebell, 35-x-21-cm, green, 35-x-21-cm, grey, 35-x-21-cm, orange, 35-x-21-cm, pink, 35-x-21-cm, purple, 35-x-21-cm, red, 35-x-21-cm, turquoise, 40-x-26-cm, Yellow-Green, 40-x-26-cm, bluebell, 40-x-26-cm, green, 40-x-26-cm, grey, 40-x-26-cm, orange, 40-x-26-cm, pink, 40-x-26-cm, purple, 40-x-26-cm, red, 40-x-26-cm, turquoise, 50-x-26-cm, Yellow-Green, 50-x-26-cm, bluebell, 50-x-26-cm, green, 50-x-26-cm, grey, 50-x-26-cm, orange, 50-x-26-cm, pink

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