We have a guest on our blog today, the very lovely and talented Lynne Welham who takes our Herdwick fabrics and creates some very special characters with it. It’s a magical transformation and the end result is a collection of beautifully crafted Herdwick fabric gifts…

“Hi my name is Lynne Welham, creator of the ‘Bonningate Bunnies.’ Born in Kendal, the Lake District is in my blood and will always have a special place in my heart. I have been an ardent crafter for three years now and continue to take great pleasure in learning new skills to perfect my art. My ideas come from the environment and a deep desire to fill gaps in the market for ‘Handmade in England’ gifts and collectables. I, along with many other artists, am inspired by the Lakeland vistas, the colours that each new season brings and the dedication of its population to preserve its heritage. I want to be part of that.”

“My Herdwick range of bunnies were born last year after reading ‘A Shepherds Life’ by James Rebanks, an uplifting account of the tenacity of sheep farmers and their flocks on and around the Lakeland fells. The Herdwick sheep, with their beautiful white faces and unfailing smiles, captured my heart! I had great fun sourcing the materials to create a new version of my bunnies using only products made from Herdwick fleeces – I was on a mission! And I was duly rewarded by finding Rachel and Alice at Cable & Blake in Kendal for my Herdwick fabric, and Mary at Crookabeck Farm in Patterdale, for my Herdwick wool.”

Herdwick fabric gifts

“My first creations were emulations of the Herdwick sheep, white faces and legs with a grey body, but along with these, I have progressed into using an array of the fabulous colours that are now available. I have to say the bunnies wear them well!”

“All of the bunnies I make are registered with a serial number, and each one comes with a certificate of adoption and a handmade carrot for their journey to their new home (they are very cheap to keep – the carrot should last them a lifetime!). I am so proud and happy that my Herdwick Bunnies are now in residence in the Cable and Blake shop in Kendal, such a prestigious link to my hometown! They have created a lot of interest to date and many have hopped off to new homes.”

Herdwick fabric gifts

“I love creating these little creatures and like to feel I am playing a part in supporting the Herdwick farmers and their flocks, by recognising the true value of the fleeces they produce. Very satisfying!”

If you’re passing the Cable & Blake shop, do pop in and say hello to the bunnies.

Bunny with certificate  – £45.50

If you should be interested in purchasing one in your own special colours, you can order via the shop or contact me direct.

You will also find Lynne and her bunnies on Twitter.