Our Story

Rachel and Alice, the creative team behind Cable and Blake, love all things Cumbrian. From the characteristic fells and crags to the world-famous mountains and lakes. Both women find their local landscape inspirational and enriching. Rachel and Alice have a particular interest in the iconic breed of Herdwick sheep that share this wild space.

Alice moved to the UK from Paris whilst Rachel is originally from Hampshire in the south of England. The urge to escape city life led them to make the Lake District their home and the place where they were to raise their families.

Alice, originally from Angers in the Loire valley, moved to the UK to complete her Masters degree. She settled in London and began working in the City, married an Englishman and started a family. After many happy years in the capital the need for a complete change started to be felt and through good planning and happy accidents Alice found herself moving to Kendal in Cumbria. From Kendal (aka The Gateway to The Lakes) she started to fall in love with this beautiful part of England.

Alice found a particular passion for the native Herdwick sheep and began to think of ways to reuse their hardy fleeces. Traditionally the fleeces are often burnt as they’re considered worthless. In Rachel, she found a like-minded thinker…

Rachel moved to The Lakes in 2002 with her husband and first son. Making the Lake District their home Rachel had two more sons and whilst being a full time mother retrained as an upholster.

Rachel’s upholstery business, opened when her children started school, this inspired plans for a locally sourced and woven fabric – something unique that could represent the landscape, beauty and lifestyle of Cumbria.

Together they have made this a reality with own captivating collection of fabrics…..