Reupholstered dining chairs in Herdwick fabric

It’s always fantastic to see our Herdwick upholstery fabrics in use, and design collaborations with other local designers and makers are a great way to showcase what can be achieved. Recently, we’ve been collaborating with Hout Design and Davenport Original to produce stunning interior ranges that can be purchased in, or ordered through, our shop in Kendal.

Hout’s stunning wood furniture is all handmade in Cumbria and as designers and creators of elegantly simple, functional wood furniture, they were an obvious choice of partner for us. We absolutely love the combination of natural wood and natural fibre.

This collaboration features four of our Book of Bloom fabrics: Sandbed Ghyll, Durple Gill Crag, Honister Yew and Bleaberry Crag.

herdwick upholstery fabrics

Every uniquely designed piece of work is entirely handmade, assembled, and finished by Hout’s craftsmen. They use English hardwoods, materials and hardware chosen specifically for their beauty, perfect function and ethical carbon footprint.

Davenport Original’s design and manufacturing practice is also based on the edge of the English Lake District. They specialise in designing and making contemporary furniture, lighting and homewares that are built to last. In our collaboration we’ve combined their stunning tripod lampstands (available in small medium and large) with our hand finished lampshades using Cable & Blake fabrics.

Herdwick upholstery fabrics

If you’re interested in any of the above products, please do get in touch. If you are unable to get to our Kendal store we can help with mail order and delivery options.